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clock (int_freq);

Set CPU frequency clock or put the system into sleep mode. The frequency parameter is given in Megahertz.

Valid options are 4, 16, 64, 128, 192, and 256 MHz.

On initial boot, Rittle starts at its default clock frequency of 192 MHz.


1.     The USB console will not work at 4 MHz clock. In such case only the serial console available on pins 17 and 18, is available.


2.     The “Turbo” mode 256 MHz may not work on all PIC32MZ chips, or may render the system unstable. Additional measures to supply the processor with higher current or heat dissipation may have to be taken as well.

Current consumption with different clocks as measured in the RITTLE Board:

4 MHz

16 MHz

64 MHz

128 MHz

192 MHz

256 MHz

45.6 mA

50.8 mA

70.6 mA

104.4 mA

139.1 mA

171.5 mA