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ellipse (int_x, int_y, int_xradius, int_yradius, real_tilt, int_colour);

Draw ellipse with centre at coordinates (x,y) and x-radius and y-radius. If any part of the ellipse is outside of the screen boundaries, only the visible bit is drawn.

In cases when the X-radius is equal to the Y-radius, the ellipse becomes a circle.

If the colour is specified as negative number, only the outline of the ellipse will be drawn, otherwise if the colour is a positive number, the ellipse will be solid.

The tilt parameter defines an angular tilt for the ellipse’s coordinate system in relation to the native screen coordinates. The parameter is a real number given in radians. When this parameter is 0.0, i.e. there is no tilt, then the coordinate system of the ellipse match exactly the coordinate system of the screen.

Although not limited, the actually useful range for the tilt parameter is between -3.14 and +3.14 radians (negative Pi to Pi), since all values outside will replicate the same results.

The function has no effect in the console or on text-only displays.