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Files and File Storage Devices

Currently supported file devices are:

IFS:              Internal file storage. This volume uses the part of the internal non-volatile memory in the system. The IFS: drive is always present and Rittle mounts it as default.

RAM:          Internal RAM storage. Uses part of the system RAM to organise a drive which is available for sharing information between programs, or to store temporary data. The information in the RAM: drive is destroyed on reset or power loss, and the system normally starts without it. In case it is requires, it can be initialised at any time to make it available.

SDx:              (x=1,…) External (SD card) storage using an externally connected SD card.

File names may be preceded by path e.g. sd1:/dir/dir/file

It is important to know that in Rittle all file functions work with the currently mounted drive. The only exception to this is copy() which can work with two drives simultaneously.