Help > RITTLE FOR THE PIC32MZ MICROCONTROLLER > Real-Time Clock and Calendar > settime


settime (text_dt);

Set time and date for the RTCC. The parameter is supplied as fixed length 16-character text in the format “yymmddwwhhmmss00”.

The input text is composed by eight pairs of characters, each expressing a decimal value. If the value is smaller than 10, a leading ‘0’ must be added to it.

The pairs are as follow:

year (00-99), month (01-12), day (01-31), weekday (Sunday=00 - Saturday=06),
hour (00-23), minute (00-59), second (00-59), 00

Note that the weekday must be always supplied, as well as the trailing pair ‘00’ which is reserved for future use but must be included in the parameter.