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System Configuration in CONFIG.SYS

On initial start, Rittle looks for a text file called ‘config.sys’, located in the root directory of the ‘ifs:’ drive. If file   ifs:\config.sys   exists, it is read out and interpreted as configuration commands for Rittle.

All environment commands (including ‘RUN’) as well as the full Rittle functionality are available for inclusion into the configuration file. It is in essence a script of individual Rittle lines that always get executed first on system start. Note that it is not a program since every line is compiled and executed independently, therefore loops and variables will only work within the same configuration line.

Executing the ‘config.sys’ file allows devices automatically mounted on initial start, files deleted or renamed, and importantly - one or more files can be made to execute automatically on system boot by using the ‘run’ command in the config.sys file. If there are more than one lines with ‘run’ command, they will be executed sequentially, i.e. the second program will start after the first one has finished, a third one will start after the second, and so on.