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Vref (text_function);

Specifies referencing model for the ADC. The parameter is given in text format. Valid options are:

Vdd/Vss”                 Reference taken from the positive and negative rails of the power supply, where Vref+ is 3.3V, and Vref- is 0V (GND). The accuracy of the ADC in this case depends on the accuracy of the power supply.

Vref+/Vss”             Vref- is 0V (GND), and Vref+ is taken from the dedicated pin on PIC32 – port 16.

Vdd/Vref-”             Vref+ is taken from the positive rail of the power supply, and Vref- is taken from the dedicated pin on PIC32 – port 15.

Vref+/Vref-”         Both Vref- and Vref+ are taken from the dedicated pins on PIC32 – ports 15 and 16, respectively.

By default, Rittle uses ADC referencing to the power rails.