Rittle is a new imperative multi-purpose programming language and integrated programming environment. It is algorithmically structured language with syntax and features built as a mixture from several other prominent predecessors such as C, BASIC, Python, and others. It also contains some new features not found elsewhere.


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The concept behind Rittle, is to build a fully integrated framework for small systems and microcontroller, where development can be done in a simpler, more streamlined way, similar to what could be found in the computers of the late 20th century. Rittle however, is approaching the problem from a modern perspective with the inclusion of language structures and features used in the mainstream languages of recent time.

By design the Rittle programming environment is an interactive shell composed from a Source Compiler (RSC), a lightweight Virtual Machine (RVM), which executes the produced p-code after compilation, and a basic console-based integrated development environment and text editor, called RIDE (Rittle Integrated Development Environment).