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Rittle for PIC32MZ

Rittle for Windows  (limited demo with only core functionality)


March 2020

Rittle for PIC32MZ:

Added COM5.

September 2019

Rittle core:

Closing ; characters in source lines are now optional, not mandatory.

July 2019

Rittle core:

            Improved experience and better functionality in RIDE.

            Virtual cursor in displays.

            Added sector() command.

Rittle for PIC32MZ (in addition to the core functionality):

Introduced driver support for touch panels.

Support for XPT2046/TSC2046 resistive touch panels.

June 2019

Rittle core:

            Introduced standard interface driver model.

            Added graphic user interface primitives such as pixel(), rect(), and others.

Functions for drawing complex vectored shapes (turtle graphics) and filling areas.

Support for user-defined fixed and variable width fonts with character size up to 255x255 pixels.

Font smoothing at higher scaling factors.

Platform-dependent function codes finalised in the region 0xC0 … 0xEF. Binary executables with platform-dependent functions from versions before J6.3, will be incompatible without new compilation.

Rittle for PIC32MZ (in addition to the core functionality):

Introduced support for small standardised SPI displays with resolutions from 32x32 pixels to 480x480 pixels, and 24-bit colour.

Display rotation and mirroring – with appropriate custom fonts, support for left-to-right and right-to-left scripting.

Support for 4-bit HD44780-compatible alpha-numeric LCD modules.

Improved power consumption profile.

May 2019

First public demo release and activation of the website as well as the public forum.

Alpha stage release for PIC32MZ and PC.

April 2017

Earliest RSC and RVM. Version G4.1-alpha.

February 2017

Development started.